Code of Conduct

Conduct and behavior

ACCS International shall properly train its employees to enable an effective interaction with the customer, handle with care and sensitivity, their responsibilities like calling the customer, hours of calling, privacy of the customer information and proper representation of ACCS International. In addition to the above, ACCS International shall ensure that their employees shall adhere to the following when interacting with the customer:

  • The employees shall properly introduce and identify themselves as representatives of ACCS International;
  • The employees shall not share customer’s information with any third party under any circumstances and observe customer confidentiality; exceptions can be made to third parties who are hired by the customer;
  • The employees shall always formally address to the customer and not engage in any informal or personal interactions or relations;
  • The employee shall refrain from using any mental, physical or verbal abuse and shall not take the law in his own hands in any circumstances and give any written or verbal threats, abuse to the customer, make use of any form of informal language, even if the customers behavior or language is not acceptable or legitimate;
  • The employee shall not do any act that results in insulting, harassing or embarrassing the customer in a public place;
  • The employee shall be formal, sincere and polite yet firm in all their interactions with the customer;
  • While interacting with the customer the employee should be brief and to the point.
  • The employee shall be especially sensitive in their interactions with elderly, physically/mentally handicapped and children;
  • The employee shall not accept or offer any gift and/or bribe from the customer and shall not engage in any corrupt, extortion or embezzlement activity in any matter;
  • The employee shall refrain from any act or omission that can damage the integrity and reputation of ACCS International in any matter whatsoever.

Prohibited acts

ACCS International shall ensure that their employees shall not indulge in any prohibited or objectionable activity including the following while interacting with the customer:

  • All customers of ACCS International irrespective of their payment pattern, religion, profession or social standing shall be treated with respect, dignity, courtesy and fairness;
  • The employees shall refrain from the use of threat and violence or other criminal means to harm the physical integrity, reputation or property of any person;
  • The employees shall use any objectionable, obscene or abusive language while interacting with the customer.

Debt collection services

ACCS helps achieve payment for outstanding invoices. Smoothly and without hassle.

Court bailiffs

ACCS executes judgements quickly via its own team of court bailiffs.

Debt surveillance

ACCS monitors changes in the income and assets of debtors and takes immediate action whenever possible.

International investigation

ACCS offers expertise for worldwide address searches and income and asset assessments.