Debt collection through the courts

Sometimes, a court action is the only way of forcing your customer to pay outstanding invoices. ACCS International has many years of experience with initiating court proceedings within and outside Europe.

The exact choice of court procedure is determined based on the situation. This generally takes place in collaboration with our specialised partners. They are expert in initiating fast and efficient local court proceedings. This is the ultimate in convenience for you: everything takes place in-house, which saves you time and resources.

Would you like to know more about what ACCS International can do to help you recover debt through the courts?

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Debt collection services

ACCS helps achieve payment for outstanding invoices. Smoothly and without hassle.

Court bailiffs

ACCS executes judgements quickly via its own team of court bailiffs.

Debt surveillance

ACCS monitors changes in the income and assets of debtors and takes immediate action whenever possible.

International investigation

ACCS offers expertise for worldwide address searches and income and asset assessments.