ACCS International

Debt collection in foreign countries. A service that is needed, as we know from experience. Many globally active entrepreneurs find foreign recovery legislation too complex to initiate debt collection procedures. We do not, thanks to our debt collection experts in the Netherlands and Turkey, and our reputable partners in the rest of the world.

All the knowledge and experience required for collecting your international debts in the most efficient manner is available to us in-house. In other words; fast, cost-effective and transparent. You can look over our credit managers’ shoulders online, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Our ability to access an international network of lawyers, court bailiffs and debt collection agencies guarantees the quality of our service provision. Our expertise and extensive network allow us to create clarity within a complex maze of different debt collection procedures, legislation, regulations, language barriers and cultural differences.

Debt collection services

ACCS helps achieve payment for outstanding invoices. Smoothly and without hassle.

Court bailiffs

ACCS executes judgements quickly via its own team of court bailiffs.

Debt surveillance

ACCS monitors changes in the income and assets of debtors and takes immediate action whenever possible.

International investigation

ACCS offers expertise for worldwide address searches and income and asset assessments.