European procedures

ACCS International is a specialist in the field of international debt collection with regard to both amicable settlement and the judicial debt collection process. The employees at ACCS International are extensively experienced in using the legal avenues open to them within and outside Europe.

For example, ACCS International is capable of litigating internationally via its network of debt collection partners. And ACCS International is also your permanent point of contact for foreign legal procedures as well! ACCS International monitors the judicial debt collection procedure from its branches in the Netherlands and Turkey and eliminates any language barriers.

Debt collection services

ACCS helps achieve payment for outstanding invoices. Smoothly and without hassle.

Court bailiffs

ACCS executes judgements quickly via its own team of court bailiffs.

Debt surveillance

ACCS monitors changes in the income and assets of debtors and takes immediate action whenever possible.

International investigation

ACCS offers expertise for worldwide address searches and income and asset assessments.