1. When can I involve ACCS International?

You can contact us if you have a receivable outstanding with a company or private individual in a foreign country and no payment has been made.

2. As a private individual or a company, can I expect ACCS International to assist me if I am owed money by a private individual?

Of course, we handle outstanding debts owed by both private individuals and companies.

3. In which countries can ACCS International initiate recovery proceedings?
ACCS International has knowledge and experience of all countries worldwide. This means that we can initiate recovery proceedings in any country. We do so via our well-established network of partners, of which we are a member. We are able to speak the languages of all countries, regions and districts through cooperation with our partners worldwide.

4. What do I have to do before I can transfer a debt collection file?
In addition to the invoice, you need to have sent at least one reminder/demand for payment to the debtor.

5. What documents do I need to submit in relation to my receivable?

Please send us all the relevant documents you have, for example: a duplicate invoice, reminder(s)/demand(s) for payment, any possible correspondence with the debtor. In addition, we would like to receive all of the available contact details such as the telephone number, email address and possibly the postal address.

6. How long does an average debt collection procedure last?

Difficult to say as this differs depending on the country and the debtor. However, you need to make allowance for the fact that a debt collection procedure abroad generally takes longer than a debt collection procedure in the Netherlands.

7. Can I track the status of my debt collection file?

All the actions taken with regard to your debt collection file can be viewed via our ACCS Connect web portal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We create a complete file for each invoice in ACCS Connect, which can be copied or printed at any time. You can see when reminders have been sent and the date and a summary of any telephone contacts. ACCS Connect not only shows what has already been done, it also indicates which actions will be taken in the future.

8. I would like to maintain a good relationship with my debtor. Is that possible?
Yes, that is possible. The content of the letters that are sent is extremely important in our opinion and we make sure that they are phrased appropriately in the light of local legislation, regulations and the applicable standards and values. If required, we would be delighted to discuss and agree the content of the letters with you. Obviously, they need to comply with the legislation in the country where the debtor is resident. Both we and our partners treat debtors respectfully and refrain from using threatening language.

9. Can I recover all costs from my debtor?

In principle, you will not incur any costs! You will only be charged costs if, for example, an address search has to be performed, or if legal proceedings are initiated. Before making a commitment to expenses of this nature, we always ask your permission beforehand and indicate whether or not the costs can be recovered. If the debtor pays (part of) the due amount, we charge a commission for successful collection based on this payment. This commission cannot be recovered from the debtor.

10. Whom should I contact if I have other questions?

Please contact us by email via info@accsinternational.com or by telephone on number +31 (0)40-2595070.

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