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International Collection Services

You have delivered products or services, but invoices remain unpaid. You want to hand over these non-performing receivables to a professional debt collection agency so that they can collect the outstanding amounts for you. But what can you expect from us and how do we make the difference?

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Amicable Collection

When communicating with debtors, we always strive to efficiently map your previous channel in order to avoid media discontinuities. For the best possible solution with your customers, we adapt our approach effectively and use e-mail, letter, SMS or outbound telephony individually. Debtors can agree individual instalments both online and offline. They can also apply for a deferment of payment with just a few clicks as well. If it is necessary to find out the new address of your customer, we will be happy to do so. We also accompany the process for you in the event of possible insolvency proceedings.

Legal Collection

If all pre-court settlement attempts have not yet led to an amicable solution, there is the possibility of collecting the debt through court proceedings. We offer this service worldwide! ACCS helps you to determine the chance of success and makes sure to avoid further expensive measures when we think they are not recoverable. ACCS in combination with our preferred partner lawyers is your reliable companion from the application for the necessary documents, the processing of objections, getting the verdict and the execution of the verdict, if needed by and kind of seizure.

Long Time Monitoring

Monitoring proceedings are initiated if a claim cannot be paid within a reasonable period of time due to financial hardship. This can drag on for years. We help to determine the current financial situation or a new address. Cost-incurring measures are used wisely and sensibly, up to and including heir tracing. ACCS has the experience to trigger the right action at the right time to ensure a successful settlement.

Collection workflow summarised

The collection procedure usually begins with “amicable collection”. Our focus is on cost-saving, pre-court processing. We contact your client by phone, send letters and/or e-mails and ask them to pay the outstanding debt. At this stage we collect almost 75% of all our cases.

In addition, there is the option to move to the judicial phase. We will instigate the legal procedure for you at the competent court and accompany you until the successful enforcement of the judgement.

Starting Collection

Starting debt collection proceedings abroad is a big step for many entrepreneurs. They do not know which routes to take or find the local laws for debt collection too complex. Our organisation has gained so much experience over the years that we carry out international amicable debt collection on a ‘no cure no pay’ commission fee basis. ACCS successfully collects international receivables for government agencies, banks, export companies, international e-commerce, as well as for clients in other branches. Would you like to receive more information or start your international debt collection immediately? Then use the options below.

You are welcome to submit claims directly via this link. If you are not yet a client of ours, you can request an offer from us via the second link.

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