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From an amicable collection process with legal advice followed by legal proceedings to the execution of a judgment and from credit reports to address investigations and well-substantiated asset research. We have put together an overview of all our services for you.

International Collection Services

You have delivered products or services, but invoices remain unpaid. You want to hand over these non-performing receivables to a professional debt collection agency so that they can collect the outstanding amounts for you. But what can you expect from us and how do we make the difference?

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Tracing & Asset Research

Financial institutions or Universities are regularly faced with clients or students who disappear abroad while they still have an outstanding debt. Hospitals are facing foreign patients who have not paid for the given healthcare before leaving the country back to home.  ACCS can assist these institutions in a variety of ways.

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Credit Reports

Would you like to know the financial status of your (potential) client? Request an extensive credit report from us. ACCS carries out a thorough check and sends you its findings in a transparent overview.

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