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Health Care

Healthcare claims are handled with particular sensitivity and data protection is of central importance. The information about the detailed treatment is not required for the collection of claims by ACCS and patient protection remains the top priority. Our clients appreciate our handling of compliance requirements. The collection of receivables is therefore dynamic, smooth and successful.

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Based on a study initiated by the ACCS International Group, a well-known market research agency in the Netherlands has identified enormous business potential in the healthcare market. (2020)

The most important facts of the study were:

– Over 40% of the hospitals surveyed reported having over 1,000 foreign patients per year; – 1/3 of the bills were not paid; – More than half of the hospitals surveyed see an increase in foreign patients;

– Over 80% of hospitals were not aware of this situation and do not have accurate information about overdue international receivables; ACCS is the preferred partner of most hospitals in the Netherlands for international debt collection.

ACCS Germany is the preferred partner of many foreign healthcare collection agencies who send their German files for collection.”

Minimum effort, maximum efficiency

– We work on a no-win-no-fee basis with competitive terms that are simple and agreed in advance.
– no set-up fees or hidden costs
– secure file transfer
– central control + local expertise in more than 150 countries
– creditor advice before costly actions are taken

Best possible collection rates + customer retention

– Communication with your clients in the required legal features and language of the respective country
– Strong and quality-checked service providers in each country, experienced in your field of business

Compliance as a success factor

– Professionalism and quality
– Excellent data protection (GDPR also agreed in third countries)
– Uniform compliance standards guaranteed worldwide
– Licensing and legal requirements of the respective country taken into account
– ACCS International and International Credit Exchange (ICE) network system are ISO certified (ISO 27001 and 9001)

Easy control + Full transparency

– We take over the central coordination function for local collection service providers – you have only one main contact person
– Communication with your clients in the required legal form and language of the respective country
– Strong and quality-tested service providers in each country, experienced in your field of business
– Customizing: ACCS adapts to the respective requirements and integrates the necessary interface – in strict compliance with all security precautions and data protection guidelines.

Experienced communication with insurance companies / third parties

– At ACCS we are used to negotiating with insurance companies and other third parties involved.
– We have necessary direct contacts and know exactly who to approach to bring about a resolution.

Liaison with embassies

– Some governments have introduced policies that deny new visas to tourists with outstanding payments for hospitalisation.
– For example, residents of Kuwait or other countries are allowed to seek hospital treatment abroad if treatment is not available in their own country. We work closely with embassies to ensure that hospitals receive as much as possible of outstanding treatment expenses.

Starting Collection

You are welcome to submit claims directly via this link. If you are not yet a client of ours, you can request a quote from us via the second link.

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