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Tracing & Asset Research

Financial institutions or Universities are regularly faced with clients or students who disappear abroad while they still have an outstanding debt. Hospitals are facing foreign patients who have not paid for the given healthcare before leaving the country back to home.  ACCS can assist these institutions in a variety of ways.

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We can trace debtors living abroad and we can investigate whether the debtor has any foreign income or assets. Based on this information, the financial institution can decide whether it wishes to take further action against the debtor.

Contents of the investigation

Depending on the legislation and regulations in the country where the investigation is performed, ACCS can trace the following items:

  • Address tracing (where does the debtor live?)
  • Income tracing (including salary, pension, income from own company)
  • Asset tracing (including real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, shares)


ACCS International works closely together with sister company Verifast which is a specialist in international tracing and asset research.

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