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Have you received a payment request?

ACCS International has written to you because you have an outstanding debt with a company. ACCS International has been commissioned to collect the debt. We therefore ask you to pay the outstanding amount. In our letter we have provided you with all the information you need. Please pay by mentioning your file number or contact us in advance by mentioning your file number in order to reach a mutual solution.

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Can’t you pay right away?

In some cases, it is not possible to settle outstanding debts immediately. We understand that and are happy to think along with you. For example, you can apply to us for payment by instalments or a deferment so that you can settle your entire debt at once at a later date.

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About ACCS

ACCS International is an international debt collection company based in Eindhoven. We support institutions, companies and authorities in the collection of outstanding debts. We do this in a transparent, innovative and above all socially responsible manner.

ACCS International stands for respectful debt collection worldwide!

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