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Credit Reports

Would you like to know the financial status of your (potential) client? Request an extensive credit report from us. ACCS carries out a thorough check and sends you its findings in a transparent overview.

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Credit reporting

The value of a credit report

Doing business safely, it sounds obvious, but things often go wrong. Certainly within the debt collection industry, we regularly see claims that could have been prevented if a client could learn more about its customer upfront. And you can! The credit reports that ACCS prepares for its clients offer a broad insight into, among other things, the financial status of your customer. What is the company’s turnover? Who is authorized to sign? What is the probability that your customer will go bankrupt in the short term? Is your customer known as a fraudster? Is there any news about the company in the media? With our credit report we answer these questions, among other things, and this limits your risk of a defaulting client.

The contents of a credit report

  • up-to-date company data and insight into corporate structures
  • company developments in the media (if applicable)
  • analysis of payment behavior and the probability of default (PD rating)
  • what is the probability that a company will go bankrupt in the short term?
  • industry benchmark
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